About Me.

About Me.

I grew up with my family working in children’s homes, having kids in and out of my home who had experienced horrible things.  This and many other experiences have brought me to where I am today working with people to find freedom.  I love people and seeing them truly LIVE. 

I live just outside Searcy with my wife and two boys.  My favorite title in life is Daddy.  I love the outdoors, traveling, hunting, fishing, rock climbing, canyoneering and many other forms of adventure.  I love sharing these adventures with others, especially my family. 

Kenosis: (v)

Self-emptying; where your will and “God’s will” become one.

Kenosis is not just the name of my company, but the striving of my heart to continually empty myself of my will and to be filled by His will.  Sometimes I am good at this other times I struggle more.


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